We bring green energy wherever it is needed

Our mobile power storage units replace generators by sustainable energy.

From 2,3 to 330kWh, they adapt to your energy needs (power, mobility, resistance)

They replace generators without CO2 emissions, and can be plugged on green energy sources.

GCK Energy can replace generators by batteries in order to meet the needs of industries such as events organization, e-mobility and sustainable building projects.



On & Off Grid

CO2 Emission Free



GCK Energy’s mobile energy storage units offer a light, flexible answer to power supply challenges with a strong green orientation.

Our batteries are perfect to replace any diesel generator, and upgrade life quality nearby by suppressing all noise, unpleasant smell and air pollution produced by generators.

Our mobile power storage units are manufactured in France and meet high standards. They come with tailored services.

energy for remote events

Power remote, non sedentary events without using diesel generators.

Power solutions for the construction industry

Provide relevant solutions to current challenges of air quality and security on construction sites.

Boost e-vehicles charging infrastructure

Ramp up e-cars charging capacity without major infrastructure changes.

We believe in going green.

We distribute great mobile power storage solutions. They offer direct benefits for users and neighbors, and help build a sustainable future.

Cut down on pollution

Avoid the production of carbon dioxyd and reduce noise pollution by replacing diesel and fuel generators by batteries. It represents a significant improvement, for instance in air quality and noise sensitive city-centers.

Shave power peak

Shave power demand peaks by improved storage management. Therefore, the power supply infrastructure can be optimized: less construction work is needed, a lighter infrastructure is sufficient.

Grid back-up

Ensure continued energy supply by backing-up the grid. GCK Energy’s batteries ensure power supply in case of blackout. It is essential both for remote locations (islands, in the mountains, etc.) and to support the existing infrastructure during high demand periods.

Green energy sources

Favor green energy sources, thanks to mobile storage which bends time and space.
Fill in the battery when and where the sun shines or the wind blows, use it whenever and wherever needed.

Never be stranded without power!

Small power

Our small power batteries are protected by wheeled suitcases. They offer mobile power in various situations, including LED lighting for security or orientation.

Medium power

Medium power batteries fit in flight-cases. On wheel to offer improved mobility, they are modular and can be combined to reach the needed power level.

Large power

Designed for high power demand, our container batteries provide solutions for electric vehicles charging, and can offer power autonomy for remote locations.

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