Power supply solutions for construction work

GCK Energy provides green power to replace  your construction sites generators. 

Care for the safety of your teams in confined spaces

When a team is sent to work in a confined space such as an isolated room, a tunnel or any underground worksite, special care is needed regarding air quality. Our batteries provide energy (lighting, tools recharging,  etc.) without toxic CO2 emissions, for  safer work conditions. Dimensions, weight and power can easily be adapted to your needs.

Keep city-centers air clean during construction works

Construction work requires extra power, which often exceeds local grid capacity. The construction site is sometimes not even connected to the grid when the work starts. Due to an increased air-quality control in city-centers, construction sites generators working on diesel are no longer an option to provide the required extra energy. Our energy storage containers offer a perfect option, free of CO2 emissions and noise pollution.

To use green energy on construction sites, GCK Energy provides mobile, moduler batteries. They supplement the existing grid, ensure continued power and limit CO2 emissions in air-sensitive areas. 

Our batteries adapt to your needs. One storage unit can reach up to 330kWh. Upon request, our experts team can connect several batteries to increase power.




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