Large power battery

Our energy containers offer large power capacities, in order to provide energy for demanding usages such as e-vehicles fast charging. They can be moved on trucks, trains and boats, and therefore easily supply power in remote locations, or for temporary usage. These large power batteries prove greener than any eco-friendly generator. They produce no emission, and are compatible with green energy sources.

Proudly made in France ♥



200kW / 300kWh


10 feet container


8,5 tons

This mobile energy storage container is exclusively avaibale for special orders.

Your project needs powering ?

Charging using 3 possible sources:

Solar panel



Usage example

In order to turn gas stations into green stations and charge electric vehicles, this container can be installed for permanent or temporary use. 

Up to 8 cars can be charged at the same time, up to 3 cars if using super-chargers.

There is no such thing as an eco-friendly generator. With no emission, this large power battery is your best bet.

300kWh capacity

Up to 8 cars at a time

Can be temporary added to existing infrastructure to shave power demand peaks