GCK Energy provides green power

Founded on the initiative of Guerlain Chicherit (GCKorp founder), Eric Boudot (CEO of IBS) and Ivan Steyert (Chairman and CEO of SOCOMEC), GCK Energy provides green power solutions, tailored to your needs, on and off grid. Our non-sedentary batteries are designed to meet global growing needs of sustainable energy for remote events and environmentally friendly building projects.

GCK Energy products are manufactured in France by SOCOMEC and IBS. This ensures a strong and direct operational support and the use of the most recent and high quality technologies.

Guerlain Chicherit

Guerlain Chicherit

Founder & Chairman


Guerlain Chicherit has always been a challenger. He started as a freeride world ski champion, before starting to drive sports cars in international competitions.

Serial entrepreneur and much concerned with making the economy sustainable, he drives several “green” projects, among which the construction of an “eco-village” in the French Alps, and GCK Energy’s mobile batteries to provide sustainable energy.

Eric Boudot

Eric Boudot



Eric Boudot is an expert in the batteries industry. 

He has been driving RGM in central France for years, before co-founding IBS, and now GCK Energy in the Alps.


Our partners

Throughout its value creation process, GCK Energy sticks to green energy choices, with a selection of strategic partners located on the French territory. Therefore, we limit the impact of business trips and support local production.

SOCOMEC is a century old French company based in Alsace, with subsidiaries around the world. Its expertise is to make electric infrastructures perform, especially in critical, demanding environments.
Our large power batteries are manufactured by SOCOMEC. These containers are designed to travel far and safe, in extreme conditions.

IBS is a young company, specialized in small and medium power mobile batteries.
Located in Auvergne, IBS team is innovation oriented and works on built-in batteries, e.g. for cars and bikes.
IBS produces our small and medium power batteries. Protected by suitcases and flight-cases, they can be used outside, are compact and equipped with wheels.