Green power mobile storage station - up to 60kWh

Standing on 4 wheels, this mobile green power battery works on a lithium-ion technology. It is a great, green solution to power your events on sustainable standards. It also allows you to always be ready for a blackout in an isolated life unit, or to fuel your non sedentary missions.

Proudly made in France ♥


Mobile storage station


12kW / 20kWh
(up to 36kW/60kWh with 3 connected stations)


790 * 790 * 1580 (mm)


220kg (without options)

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How can you charge this battery?

Solar panel



Usage example

You can use our mobile green power battery to provide up to 10 days of power supply autonomy for a life unit equipped with a TV (2h), a small fridge A++,  LED lighting, smartphone and computer charging.

2kW/day estimated consumption

Up to 10 days power autonomy

Full autonomy when plugged on solar panels