Power your event with green energy

Replace generators on your events

LWA is the average noise produced by a 200kVA generator

Litres of gasoline is the average hour consumption of a 200kVA generator


of onsite CO2 emissions can be avoided by using a battery instead of a generator

Organize sustainable events

For outdoor concerts, remote festivals, sports competitions, our batteries offer a great, green, silent solution to power any pop up event. You can easily use them to replace generators.

With one of our power storage units, you benefit of up to 330kWh. Units can be plugged together for increased power.

Our batteries can be used to

  • supply power in off-grid areas or circumstances
  • back up the grid and ensure continued power supply during high demand periods
  • shave the power demand peak, therefore  save money on both the infrastructure and the consumption



on and off-grid

We are mobile !

Because most events are temporary, and some are even non-sedentary, organizers need mobile solutions.

All our power storage units meet mobility needs. Either moved by human force for small power, or on trucks or boats for larger ones, we bring green energy wherevert you need it !

Your event needs powering?
We can help!

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