EVO energy suitcase, for small green power needs

The EVO energy storage unit is contained within a wheeled, waterproof, shocks-withstanding suitcase. Our small power battery offers mobility and flexibility to those in need of additional power in remote conditions.

It can be easily managed thanks to its tailored mobile app.

Proudly made in France ♥


Using your energy suitcase is made truly easy thanks to its management app.

EVO suitcase management app – to be uploaded on your smartphone


– Batteries charge level

– Batteries lifecycle

– Direct environment data


1kW / 2,4kWh
(This small power battery can be connected in parallel or in series)


220 * 440 * 580 (mm)


37,5 kg (without options)



Charging using 3 possible sources:

Solar panel



Usage example

This battery can supply power for an event security lighting, providing safety for up to 32 hours. Spare batteries can be recharged during use of the EVO suitcase. Once full, they can replace empty ones in the suitcase, in order to guaranty continuous light for days.

75Wh estimated consumption

32 hours autonomy without recharging

Full autonomy when plugged on solar panels